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Fleet and Asset Management

Improve asset tracking and reduce fleet management costs

Government agencies with field operations face challenges managing their end-to-end field deployment processes and improving employee and contractor productivity. Organizations often rely on manual processes and spreadsheets that limit enterprise-wide visibility for tracking assets, including vehicles and other equipment. Optimizing field operations increases employee effectiveness and job satisfaction, reduces costs and cycle times, and improves customer satisfaction.

Appian Fleet and Asset Management is an easy to use application for managing vehicles and asset tracking. The app was developed to manage vehicle fleets owned by defense, federal, state, and local government agencies. Departments quickly deliver mobile field applications to effectively manage resources, streamline projects, and gain insight into the entire asset management life cycle.

  • Gain real-time visibility into field activities, resolution status, and performance with comprehensive asset tracking
  • Increase fleet safety with a unified view of vehicle maintenance, history, and incidents to help prevent accidents, reduce downtime, and improve associated repair and liability
  • Ensure compliance, quality, and consistency in field operations
  • Increase field worker productivity through mobile-enabled applications

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