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Logistics Management

Move Goods More Efficiently with Automated Workflows

Logistics companies must juggle managing customers, their requests, and other operations. To simplify their work, they need to look for an application that provides a single interface for all activities and strengthens end-user communication, helping workers make smart decisions based on executed processes.

Appian’s platform streamlines logistics management with the unified interfaces and data-driven processes needed for successful shipment lifecycles.

Use Appian’s low-code automation platform to:

  • Manage the shipment lifecycle from estimation to billing and payment, including scheduling, shipping, and invoice generation
  • Dynamically generate invoices, pricing, discounts, and bills based on origin, destination, contract discounts, and regional tariffs
  • Enhance flexibility and complete processes on-the-go with mobile-enabled applications
  • Achieve regulatory compliance around global shipments with capabilities to handle complex rules, audit trails, approvals, and reporting

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