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A laptop monitor showing a nurse holding a patient's hand


Patient Safety: The Most Important Objective for any Life Sciences Company

With Appian, the high demands on Pharmacovigilance (PV) can be easily organized and executed on in a single data source, enabling you to provide the safest, most effective medications and devices for your customers.

A laptop showing people collaborating around a conference table

Collaborate with Every Member of Your Business on Appian Social

Accelerate the right decision with built-in mobile and social collaboration technologies.

With Life Sciences companies spread throughout the globe, Appian’s intuitive, social interface extends process visibility and increases participation across your organization.

A laptop showing pharmacists looking at clipboards

Appian Mobile for Pharmacovigilance

With Appian, clear information and rapid collaboration are possible in order to make appropriate decisions.

Appian Mobile’s online and offline capabilities allow employees spread throughout the world, even in rural places, to act fast and join forces easily.

Pharmacovigilance Pressures Demand Transformative Technology

Companies are confronted daily with multiple inputs that require fast analysis. Appian has the tools to handle those challenges.