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A laptop showing a drugstore

Marketing, Sales, and Operations

Cost effective support of new sales and marketing models

Promote visibility with real-time, intelligent reporting. Manage pricing, compliant promotional materials and expert engagement with automated processes, dynamic approval paths, and contextual data.

A laptop shows a pharmacist talking to a customer

Manage Risk for Expert Engagement to Drive Your Brand

Cost effective support of new sales and marketing models

Achieve a scalable operation that can reach a broad set of customers and partners through a wider range of channels.

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A Simple Solution in an Increasingly Complex Market

A single source for all your marketing, sales & operations needs.

As more specialized therapies are being created to deliver better health outcomes, simplify how you market these advances.

Address Process Challenges in Pharma with BPM

Process is at the core of developing, producing, and marketing pharmaceuticals, but the processes are always changing.