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HR - IT Dashboard Example

Corporate Operations

Digitize your HR, Finance, and IT operations.

Leave manual and disconnected processes behind to gain visibility and control. The Appian platform enables energy companies to digitize processes, improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of all business and corporate functions.

Energy Process Optimization Report

Employee and Contractor On-Boarding

Scale and automate on-boarding processes.

Streamline HR tasks and bridge systems to improve staff efficiency, ensure process consistency, and deliver a better employee and contractor on-boarding experience.

PMO and Project Management

Optimize project visibility and performance.

Leverage a central platform for process automation and project intelligence to improve collaboration, on-time delivery, and control over enterprise projects.

Revenue Tracking Example - Energy Sector

Revenue Recognition

Ensure compliance with evolving financial regulations.

Take an adaptable approach to calculate revenue from customer contracts in accordance with new revenue recognition standards, including IFRS 15 and ASC 606, and better manage the overall revenue process.

An IT Strategy Brief for the New Era of Intelligent Automation

Learn how automation is being used to drive efficiencies and deliver new value across the enterprise.