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Clinical Operations

A Single Source of Truth for Operations

Drive better contracting decisions by creating a single, unified view of data and metrics.

Streamline your key processes like protocol development, study start-up, and contract execution, while harmonizing your clinical operations across multiple geographies and systems

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How do You Engage all Stakeholders to Speed Time-to-Market?

Shorter time-to-submission, faster time-to-market.

With Appian, you can leverage automation and improve participant collaboration to better enable communications, minimize manual activities, and reduce risk of errors

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Bring Processes, People and Data Together

Automate the import of study information from across multiple sources.

Standardize your processes globally, while allowing for local variations and all interested parties up to date with current information

Hear From A Life Sciences Customer

“Using Appian we were able to achieve transparency, collaboration and compliance for our clinical trial operations.”