Territory Insurance Office

Territory Insurance Office (TIO) is Australia’s only government-owned commercial insurance and financial services provider. With $1 billion in assets and an extensive branch network, TIO exists to look after the needs of Australia’s Northern Territory community in the provision of comprehensive household insurance that exceeds industry standards. While TIO is “guaranteed” by the government, the organization operates on a commercial basis, and is committed to complying with industry prudential standards and achieving key industry benchmarks.

Business Problem

TIO’s market is limited by statute to citizens of Australia’s Northern Territory. TIO competes in this market with global insurance companies many times its size. Success requires execution across the three key disciplines of Operational Excellence (including cost reduction), Product Leadership, and Customer Intimacy. TIO determined that process improvement could fundamentally change its insurance business to increase capacity across all three disciplines and box its large competitors into a weaker position. Transforming from the industry-standard “Claims Processing” approach (characterized by excessive data entry, laborious procedures, and inefficient hand-offs/approvals) to a client-centric “Case Management” focus (via automated processing, and increased capacity to follow up with claimants) would result in faster claim finalization and better “return to health and work” outcomes for claimants, and would deliver lower outstanding claims provisions over time.

Appian Solution

TIO’s Appian BPM-based Claims Management solution, called “Pearl”, has been heralded as the most successful technology rollout in the company’s history – delivered on-time and on-budget with rapid results. The system is generating reductions in Ongoing Claim costs through automation efficiencies, and more importantly has provided the capacity to enable TIO to commence its game-changing Case Management program.