Pirelli is a leading manufacturer of high-end and performance tires with a presence in over 160 countries and holds 21 manufacturing facilities on five continents. Based in Italy, Pirelli produces premium tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and motorsports with a wide range of products designed to reach the greatest performance and comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions.

Business Problem

The Pirelli name is synonymous with high performance and top quality. Executive leadership mandated a review of Pirelli’s IT infrastructure to ensure that the systems supporting the business were as proactive and modern as possible. The goal was to evolve Pirelli’s IT systems to create an event driven architecture, “pushing” relevant information and actions to the business users who need them, rather than a traditional “pull” architecture that can create information gaps and costly time delays.

Appian Solution

Pirelli has an extensive roadmap of Appian-based deployments touching various aspects of the organization’s core business areas, ranging from sales and product design to invoicing, systems management, quality control, and safety and environmental impact.

Pirelli built its Mould Management solution on Appian to accelerate crucial functions of managing and executing requests from automobile manufacturers for new tire types, or for changes to existing tire models. Appian handles the input and routing of these requests and ensures the completion and hand-offs of the related work tasks. The Mould Management solution has accelerated the speed of the company’s response to customer-requested changes and has improved responsiveness and service quality.

Additional Pirelli solutions deployed on the Appian Platform include:

  • Major Breakdown Analysis – analysis of breakdowns longer than 8 hours related to factory machinery. Accelerates response times and supports prevention of similar defects, in order to reduce production losses and maintenance costs.
  • Vendor Rating Management – monitoring of all steps (Questionnaire evaluation, Who Rates Whom, KPI Validation, Questionnaire Answer Collection and elaboration, Rating Calculation) and the actors involved in a Vendor Rating Campaign. Reduces time by sending automatic reminders and escalating tasks.
  • Health, Safety & Environment – data collection and safety incident analysis aimed at incident reduction and improvement of work safety conditions. Safety and environmental data collection supports Pirelli’s Corporate Social Responsibility practice and eliminates unsafe conditions on site.