Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks was created in 2007 through the merger of the former Networks Business Group of Nokia and the carrier-related businesses of Siemens. The vision behind the merger was to create a single organization focused on driving the increasingly converged global telecommunications market. Today, NSN is one of the world’s largest network communications companies – with 60,000 employees, a leading position in all key markets across the world, and total sales of more than €15 billion a year.

Business Problem

The “mish-mash” tools landscape resulting from the NSN merger fundamentally did not meet the needs of its dynamic business, and the end-to-end business could not be viewed at any stage. NSN’s infrastructure housed large enterprise systems such as ERP from SAP, and other rigid and disconnected sales workflow, resource and knowledge management applications. This resulted in the inability to conduct real-time business management, limitations on Future Planning capability, inaccuracy of data, and significant overhead wasted on reporting, training and data entry. NSN sought a solution to establish standardized processes, deliver end-to-end visibility, and support fast and effective decision-making to drive the business.

Appian Solution

Using Appian, NSN has deployed a sophisticated and award-winning enterprise-wide BPM program, driven through one of the most mature Center of Excellence organizations in the BPM industry. The single BPM platform provides a multitude of applications across all core elements of the global business: Sales, Delivery, Resources, Technical Support, Competency Management, Remote Delivery/Offshoring and overall Business Management. It delivers process automation, process governance and consistency across NSN’s business, from its Business Solutions & Operations to its Managed Services and its Global Network Implementation Centers. NSN now has enhanced business visibility and control, supported by dedicated socio-business networking functionality (integrated collaboration within process). NSN’s Appian BPM program delivers more than $16M in annual productivity savings.