NBTY is the largest vertically integrated source of nutritional supplements in the US. The company manufactures, wholesales, and retails more than 22,000 products including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and sports drinks. NBTY has manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, the UK, and the US, offering products at popular retail outlet chains such as Vitamin World in the US and Holland and Barrett in the UK and around the world. NTBY’s products are marketed and sold in approximately 90 countries.

Business Problem

NBTY is obsessed with the quality of their products, and they want to make sure all those high-quality products get to all the global markets in which they are sold on-time, all the time. The company has more than 20 labs around the country where they run their product quality operations. There are varieties of tests constantly and simultaneously running across a catalog of 22,000 products. The products have to get through these tests on a tight schedule to make delivery deadlines. On a monthly basis, from 600-1000 of those products – the ones going overseas – have to be legally “registered for sale” in those foreign countries before they can be shipped.

NBTY was using spreadsheets to manage all of this. Products were simply not getting to the shelves fast enough, and every delay was lost potential revenue.

Appian Solution

NBTY replaced the spreadsheets with Appian Records. Their on-time product delivery rate is now 94%. All the data about all those tests – the entire lifecycle of each product sample, where it came from, where it is right now, what needs to happen next – is right there in one interface, on any device. Not only do they now have complete visibility; they also have faster action right in the same interface. Appian gets those samples through those tests faster by managing tasks, enforcing deadlines, automating escalations based on red flags, increasing collaboration and knowledge to make faster decisions. And all of it available wherever an employee is, on whatever device they are using. For the 8,000 foreign-market products, Appian does the same thing, moving them through international registration and getting them shipped. With Appian, NBTY has seen product registration times reduced from 4 weeks to 14 days.