Eneco is one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, serving more than 2 million business and residential customers. It is a forward-looking company, focused on sustainable energy sources. While it is headquartered in Holland, Eneco operates a hydro-electric station in France, a series of wind farms in the UK, and has power-producing operations in Germany and Belgium.

Business Problem

Eneco wanted better visibility, collaboration and control across field service operations – fixing broken equipment so the power can keep flowing to customers. All of the work was email and phone call-driven. Invoices were created manually. Equipment was ordered manually, with no visibility into supply chain and planning functions. There was no ability to report on the end-to-end process.

Appian Solution

Eneco chose Appian Cloud for a modern solution for Defect Management, covering all of the work around corrective maintenance in resolving customer issues due to equipment failure. Initial registering of a defect previously took 6 minutes per defect within SAP. That registration now takes 15 seconds in Appian Cloud, which integrates directly to Eneco’s SAP back-end to surface data, present a single version of the truth, and accelerate action. All contractors and sub-contractors use Appian as well to input (via desktop or mobile device) their work plan, contracts, status updates from the field, finalized work ticket summary and invoice. Eneco then processes and approves the invoice – all still within Appian. The Appian mobile app also enables collection of customer feedback in the field, at the moment of service. Appian Records surfaces all SAP data about a defect and the affected customers from SAP and other underlying systems, and provides a snapshot of the repair case in progress, making it easy to communicate status, share reporting and collaborate across Eneco employees, contractors and customers. The Defect Management solution was implemented in 5 weeks.