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Big 3 RPA vendors: it’s time to show your strengths in co-opetition because Appian just bought Jidoka for full stack automation

January 09, 2020   |   HFS

The recent HFS predictions for 2020 boldly state that none of the big three RPA vendors will get acquired this year. By logical extension, this means smaller and less expensive RPA vendors have a higher chance of exiting to the comfort of bigger players with broad shoulders and deep pockets, especially where they fit a pressing market need and round out an existing integrated automation proposition.

How Back-End Technologies Will Help Improve Patient Outcomes In 2020

December 30, 2019   |   HIT Consultant

For years, healthcare organizations have faced unique barriers to technological innovation. Enterprise-wide issues of disconnected systems and data, the slow speed of application creation, implementation, and maintenance, a lack of mobile capabilities, and the challenges of ensuring security, privacy, and compliance have made it difficult to innovate quickly to improve patient outcomes.

Development Made Easy

December 09, 2019   |   Software Magazine

Low code software development enables less experienced coders to easily create websites and mobile applications (apps). The low code market is expected to grow significantly, driven by the limited availability of skilled coders as well as the need to put out websites and apps quickly and affordably.

Appian Europe 2019: KPMG says banks’ digital literacy is “very low”

December 05, 2019   |   Fintech Futures

“The level of digital literacy in banks right now is very low,” says KPMG’s partner for financial services (FS) intelligent automation Aris Kossoras at Appian Europe 2019 in London.

How Aviva implemented AI and automation in 90 days

December 05, 2019   |   NS Insurance

Six years ago the Aviva operations team pledged to deliver automation in 90-days and were laughed at by the c-suite — now it's a standard timeframe to deliver ROI.

Low-code will rule the world

December 04, 2019   |   Enterprise Times

Over the next decade, low-code will rule the world. That, at least, is the position taken by Appian CEO Matt Calkins during his keynote at Appian Europe 2019. He believes that the demand for new apps, the lack of IT resources and the technical debt organisations posses, all point to low-code being the only viable development strategy going forward.