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Developing a COVID-19 application? Design it the right way

March 31, 2020   |   TechTarget

Application developers with skills and an idea could design an app to combat the virus. Follow these insights to effectively design and deploy a coronavirus-related app.

Appian pitches new offerings at organizations needing to adapt quickly to changing circumstances

March 27, 2020   |   Diginomica

Low-code specialist, Appian was due to host its annual conference a couple of weeks ago but, like everyone else, succumbed to the inevitable cancellation in light of the Coronavirus crisis. That said, the firm has made public the announcements it intended to feature at the gathering.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Appian Offers Free HR App

March 24, 2020   |

Appian, a provider of a low-code platform for building applications, has decided to make available a free application to help organizations with 1,000 or more employees track healthcare incidents stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

RPA Providers Offer Free Services For COVID-19 Response

March 24, 2020   |   RPA Today

At least two RPA providers have made announcements in the last week responding to immediate challenges organizations are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: tracking the health and safety of employees and ensuring business continuity while shifting to work-from-home mode.

Appian Offers Free Web Service for Managing COVID-19 to Businesses

March 21, 2020   |   Cheddar

The coronavirus pandemic has many businesses and even government agencies scambling for a way to digest all of the updates and keep their employees informed, and one company in particular is stepping up to help--APPIAN. Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian, joined Cheddar to discuss.

Appian unveils software to help banks operate amid coronavirus outbreak

March 20, 2020   |   Fintech Futures

Appian, a low-code developer which helps financial services companies automate their operations, has launched a free Covid-19 ‘response management’ application for its customers, which also include government agencies.