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Why software robots have a 'lifecycle' too

September 16, 2020   |   IDG Connect

Software has a lifecycle. Not necessarily because it is first created and then ultimately dies, although legacy systems are sometimes retired and killed off in that vein. Software has a lifecycle because we generally talk about the various stages pre-, during and post-deployment that characterise different core intervals in an application or data service's usage.

Dallas College implements health monitoring app to streamline return to campus

September 07, 2020   |   The Brookhaven Courier

The first Fall semester of the newly consolidated Dallas College began Monday, Aug. 24, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While most of Dallas College remains online for the fall, some students, staff and faculty are returning to campus in a limited capacity.

Using automation for stronger human connections requires playing to the strengths of the modern workforce

September 01, 2020   |   AI Business

The way companies build and maintain a connection with their customers is changing. Now more than ever, organisations are turning to automation technologies to transform customer experiences and create greater human connections that strengthen customer loyalty.

The Need For Speed In The Age Of Covid-19

August 27, 2020   |   Forbes

If we've learned anything over the past four months, it's that we can never get comfortable with the status quo. Things can change on a dime with little or no warning, blowing up carefully crafted long-term plans.

Contact tracing based on science, trust and privacy can help get us all safely back to work

August 26, 2020   |   Computing

If workplaces, schools and colleges are to reopen safely, the evidence shows we need to reduce our reliance on proximity tracing.

Lessons learned about open automation from the pandemic

August 25, 2020   |   Information Age

Malcolm Ross, vice-president, product strategy at Appian, discusses what life in lockdown has taught us about open automation.