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The sick economy and the medication needed for recovery - two perspectives from across the political aisle

May 27, 2020   |   Diginomica

Tackling the COVID-19 heath crisis is the main priority, but beyond that lies uncertainty about the extent and duration of the damage caused by the pandemic on the world's economies. Appian's virtual conference heard from 2 leading US economists who've served very different political masters.

Want to reopen safely? Use automation

May 27, 2020   |   Federal News Network

As the country begins to move toward easing restrictions due to the pandemic, and reopening workspaces and public gathering places, opinions are mixed and people are scared. The risk of resurgence in the rate of infections from the coronavirus is a real danger.

Health-screening app helps employees return to work safely

May 27, 2020   |   IT Pro

As more and more businesses contemplate having employees return to the workplace during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a number of apps are entering the market to help companies cope with this challenge.

Seven technologies and trends the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate

May 24, 2020   |   Silicon ANGLE

Crisis plants the seeds of ingenuity, and as the world struggles out of the COVID-19 pandemic and into an unknown new normal, it’s clear that entire industries will be transformed by innovations that have emerged to combat the disease.

Turning workflow into an industry-wide open automation platform, the Appian way

May 22, 2020

Workflow is getting more complex and should now incorporate BPM, RPA, AI, machine learning, oh…and humans too. What’s needed is a workflow ‘operating system', says Appian.

View from the Airport: Appian World 2020

May 15, 2020   |   IT Pro

From punctuality to the lack of gimmicks, there’s a lot to be said for virtual conferences.