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Appian ‘Smartens’ Up The Low-Code AI-Factor

December 03, 2019   |   Forbes

What software needs now is more AI. This is the universal mantra that every software application development and data platform company will beat out relentlessly throughout 2020.

Development Made Easy: Low Code Enables Agility and Speed to Market for Application Development and Delivery

November 30, 2019   |   Software Magazine

Low code software development enables less experienced coders to easily create websites and mobile applications (apps). The low code market is expected to grow significantly, driven by the limited availability of skilled coders as well as the need to put out websites and apps quickly and affordably.

‘Low-Code’ Becomes High Priority as Automation Demands Soar

November 14, 2019   |   Wall Street Journal

Chief information officers, on the hook to automate manual and repetitive business processes, are increasingly turning to tools designed to create applications quickly, without the sweat of writing and debugging lines of code.

The Watch List: Matt Calkins Discusses What's Next for Appian

November 06, 2019   |   TDAmeritrade Network

Appian technology helps businesses build applications 20x faster than competitors, says CEO Matt Calkins. He emphasized the impact of automation in the coding process on The Watch List.

Why firms should take the low-code route to high-efficiency app development

October 29, 2019   |   ITProPortal

Agile methodologies which emphasise delivering a minimum viable product have overtaken traditional project management techniques.

Software: Making In-House Apps with Low-Code, No-Code Platforms

October 04, 2019   |   Advanced

Banking on the premise that sometimes the best ideas for solving problems come from the ground up, manufacturers are adopting no-code and low-code programming platforms to let employees solve problems by building their own custom apps.