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These 3 D.C.-area companies are still hiring despite coronavirus pandemic

April 23, 2020   |   Washington Business Journal

The novel coronavirus has upended any and all plans the region’s startups had heading into 2020. They’re experiencing pain and pressure, trying to protect their bottom lines while continuing to fundraise and grow and, in some cases, merely stay afloat. And now more than ever, they’re making cuts — of positions, salaries and services — as they work to figure out what comes next.

COVID-19: 6 apps to monitor employee health

April 22, 2020   |   Human Resources Director

The constantly evolving COVID-19 health crisis is putting pressure on workforce managers to produce real-time data about the health of their employees.

Success is return on investment

April 15, 2020   |   Enterprise Times

Malcolm Ross talks about the challenge of being customer-focused. It’s a phrase that technology companies use a lot, but in many cases, it means reacting to customer demand. That creates a problem.

A low-code platform can improve your cybersecurity

April 01, 2020   |   Enterprise Times

One of the selling points of low-code and no-code environments is the idea of democratisation of software. It is not a new concept, Object Orientation promoted this back in the 1980s. ET asked Beckley about who low-code was aimed at, developers or end-users.

The best free software and services to help your business navigate the global pandemic

March 31, 2020   |   TechRadar

Free services are helping businesses mitigate the effects of the virus outbreak.

Developing a COVID-19 application? Design it the right way

March 31, 2020   |   TechTarget

Application developers with skills and an idea could design an app to combat the virus. Follow these insights to effectively design and deploy a coronavirus-related app.