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‘Software governs most of what a business does’: Hyperautomation in 2020

December 01, 2020   |   Dynamic Business

“Software has become the spinal cord of a business.” Those are the words of Appian co-founder and CEO Matt Calkins, in his new book Hyperautomation.

Book Review: Hyperautomation

December 01, 2020   |   Kirkus

An engaging book of expert business-survival advice for a troubled time.

Top CIOs to Watch in 2020

November 29, 2020   |   Washington Exec

Myles Weber’s role at Appian is an unusual one for a chief information officer. “Many software companies don’t have a CIO,” he said. “If they do, he or she focuses on the nuts and bolts of infrastructure.”

Digital transformation in insurance

November 19, 2020   |   Raconteur

Insurers were already on a digital journey at the start of 2020. A virtual roundtable of six insurance industry experts discuss whether coronavirus has hastened the pace of digitalisation.

Appian's CEO: Low-Code Tools Are Going Mainstream This Year

November 14, 2020   |   TheStreet

During a talk with TheStreet, Appian CEO Matt Calkins argues that the shift to remote work has led corporate interest in automating workflows and business processes to spike.

How to Support the Workforce by Protecting Mental Health

November 13, 2020   |   talentculture

Today’s best employers are focusing on how to best support and protect their employee’s mental health. Is your company?