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When Data Becomes Disastrous: How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

May 22, 2019   |   Forbes

By now, we've all heard that data is the new currency. But what does that really mean? Many organizations still struggle with common data challenges. Those challenges complicate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, mainframes and dozens of different golden masters or systems of record. Internal users are stuck trying to navigate this maze and, not surprisingly, efficiency and customer satisfaction can suffer.

Sprint Goes Loco for 'Low Code'

May 21, 2019   |   LightReading

Read how Appian delivers value for 10,000 users across Sprint's business.

What can a tennis legend teach us about leadership?

May 20, 2019   |   Verdict

Speaking to Appian CEO Matt Calkins at the low-code platform’s annual Appian World conference, Andre Agassi shared his thoughts on achieving success, both on the court and off it, and the lessons he has learnt through both hardship and victory.

Low-Code Is Cracking The Code On AI (Artificial Intelligence)

May 18, 2019   |   Forbes

Forbes: Appian low-code is the foundation for successful enterprise AI adoption

Developers Leverage RPA to Deliver More Value More Quickly

May 17, 2019   |   Dzone

Digital and human workforces need to be managed simultaneously.

AppianWorld – from 'low code' to 'no code’ via 'ready-rolled'

May 17, 2019   |   Diginomica

Low-code application development vendor Appian sees a way to start selling pre-built applications and solutions to its large enterprise user base and opens up the temptation of using the same approach to move into the mid-sized and small business sectors.