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How the public sector can navigate low code implementation

June 12, 2019   |   Bankless Times

While the public sector is not typically seen as a leader in innovation, adopting low code technology can help them deliver quick efficiencies in their sector, attendees at Appian World 2019 recently heard.

Marc Wilson: "Be part of the process"

June 05, 2019   |   SIA Partners

Marc Wilson is a founder of Appian and is responsible for the company's Strategic Partnerships around the world. He also oversees Appian's Industry Leadership team comprised of numerous subject matter experts from a variety of key industries.

No more cut and paste - how KPMG is using Appian to get letters worth millions just right

June 04, 2019   |   Diginomica

Everyone knows the old pro forma document, but when the contents are the livelihood of a business and can be worth millions individually, cut and paste approaches just do not hack it.

Appian World 2019 highlights digital process automation growth

June 03, 2019   |   Bankless Times

I recently had the opportunity to attend Appian World 2019 in San Diego, where I got to see how one of the most innovative companies in the space is impacting intelligent business process management systems, dynamic case management, digital process automation and low-code development.

Groupama Asset Management deploys Appian’s low-code platform

May 29, 2019   |   Finextra

Appian today announced that Groupama Asset Management (GAM), a subsidiary of the Groupama Group, is deploying an application to manage the entire life cycle of its product offerings on Appian’s low-code platform.

Merck improves safety and compliance visibility with Appian BPM

May 29, 2019   |   Computerworld UK

Chris Lee, VP at pharma giant Merck explains how Appian's tools helped create better visibility, and where he thinks multinationals with a growing digital workforce might go next.