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The Need For Speed In The Age Of Covid-19

August 27, 2020   |   Forbes

If we've learned anything over the past four months, it's that we can never get comfortable with the status quo. Things can change on a dime with little or no warning, blowing up carefully crafted long-term plans.

Contact tracing based on science, trust and privacy can help get us all safely back to work

August 26, 2020   |   Computing

If workplaces, schools and colleges are to reopen safely, the evidence shows we need to reduce our reliance on proximity tracing.

Lessons learned about open automation from the pandemic

August 25, 2020   |   Information Age

Malcolm Ross, vice-president, product strategy at Appian, discusses what life in lockdown has taught us about open automation.

Is your back-to-work strategy missing this vital element?

August 17, 2020   |   Human Resources Director

Despite efforts to make the transition back to the workplace safe and frictionless, HR leaders are facing setbacks.

Only 11% of organizations are using tech to ensure a safe return to the workplace

August 13, 2020   |   Tech Republic

While companies are overwhelmingly focused on tactical safety procedures such as requiring employees to wear face coverings, they fail in preparing workplaces to respond quickly enough to health threats, a new survey reveals.

Appian Sees a Bright Future for Low-Code Software

August 10, 2020   |   The Motley Fool

Investors didn't quite know what to make of Appian's (NASDAQ:APPN) second-quarter earnings.

The stock rose as much as 11% in morning trading before sinking into the red in the afternoon as tech stocks pulled back broadly. However, the results in the quarter were solid as the low-code software provider breezed past estimates and saw steady growth in its cloud subscription business.