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USF goes all in on low-code

August 01, 2019   |   SD Times

What if 70 percent of the people developing apps for your organization never studied computer science? Such is the case at the University of South Florida (USF) where low-code development is central to its development strategy.

What To Look For In A Low-Code Development Platform

July 29, 2019   |   Forbes

Digital transformation is changing the way enterprises develop applications.

Meet Matt Calkins, the world-class board game player-turned CEO of tech firm Appian

July 10, 2019   |   NS Business

Matt Calkins, a world champion at board games who has designed his own titles, argues that Appian should only hire people who are excellent at their hobbies.

It’s high times for robotic process automation and the fun’s only just beginning

July 04, 2019   |   Bankless Times

It’s an exciting time to work in robotic process administration and the fun is only beginning, Michael Heffner believes. Mr. Heffner is the VP of global industry leads at Appian, providers of low-code development and BPM software. His area of responsibility includes financial services, banking, capital markets and insurance, and that is only a few of the growing number of industries where Appian is helping to transform industries.

The low code revolution

June 25, 2019   |   Federal News Network

Winston Churchill once said that Americans always do the right thing, after they have tried everything else. This has applied to software development. For decades people have labored with gathering the details of program requirements only to fail because of a slow-moving system. This was called the waterfall method. Up until now, developing software for large organizations has been a futile aspiration. But Appian is changing that.

How a struggling airline went soaring through the cloud

June 18, 2019   |   BBC News

Air Malta managed to turn its business around after two decades of losses and soar with the big boys and girls in the airline industry. But how?