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Appian survey: Big obstacles to digital transformation

January 30, 2018   |   ZDnet

Application development will be key to winning the digital transformation race, but most businesses are far from ready.

Reports Say Low-Code Tools Pay Off, but Many Enterprises Still Unaware

January 30, 2018   |   ADT

New survey-based reports from low-code vendors indicate their tools provide benefits, but many enterprises are still unaware of those tools and those benefits.

Business Technology in 2018: 39 Expert Predictions

January 22, 2018   |   Verdict Emerge

Industry experts give their predictions for business technology, trends and best practices in the year ahead.

RPA plus low-code equals the multiplication of labour — and it’s nearly here

January 05, 2018   |   Verdict

Robotic process automation (RPA) sounds like something you’d find in a modern assembly line, but it’s actually been around for a long time.

Appian’s Low-Code Platform Adds Intelligence, Automatic CPU Parallelization; Sets Low-Code Goals for 2018

January 04, 2018   |   Integration Developer News

Appian is enhancing its low-code / no-code app platform with more intelligence, automation and higher performance – all to extend the reach of what’s possible with low-code. IDN talks with Appian’s vice president Malcolm Ross about the latest upgrades – and the future of low-code in 2018.

Appian: the building blocks of success

December 06, 2017   |   Business Review USA

Talk to any business leader and they will inform you that implementation as opposed to innovation drives scalability. Commercial automation was simplistic across a quasi-static business landscape, but when deployed against today’s fluid and rapidly changing technological frontiers, processes are frequently outdated from the moment of conception.

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