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KPMG: How businesses can overcome privacy concerns and data regulation

November 13, 2018   |   Verdict

There is a growing awareness of consumers to the value and misuse of their personal data. This in part led to the development of the GDPR in Europe, and KPMG head of Intelligent Automation Natalie Semmes says it is a case of when, and not whether, the US will also bring in a new data regulation act of its own.

How to implement artificial intelligence into your business

October 25, 2018   |   Information Age

How can your business embrace the artificial intelligence arms race? Jorge Sanchez — director of product strategy at Appian — explains everything your business needs to consider.

Security Must Be Part of a Financial Institution’s DNA

October 18, 2018   |   FinTech Business

Security must be everyone's problem to be effective. Financial institutions, especially, must exist within a culture of security — where everyone throughout the organisation understands exactly how and why they must protect networks and digital assets. Unless this culture exists, systems and data will remain vulnerable to attack.

Half of new business applications total failures, says Appian CEO

October 12, 2018   |

Organisations continue to struggle with ‘technical debt’, leading to bloated IT estates that are necessary to operations yet are difficult and time-consuming to build and maintain, according to Appian CEO Matt Calkins.

Are half of new business applications total failures? Appian thinks so

October 11, 2018   |   Computerworld UK

According to an Appian survey, the global business impact for technical debt includes higher operational expenses, simple software enhancements that take longer than expected, a reduction in performance and scalability, and longer time to market.

IT departments struggle to balance innovation with everyday IT operations

October 10, 2018   |   ComputerWeekly

IT departments are struggling to adapt to an expanding role that includes both adopting innovation initiatives while keeping core systems running effectively.