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Appian CEO stays focused on the low-code road

October 01, 2018   |   IDG Connect

‘Low-code’, like any attempt to boil down a complex technology into a couple of words, isn’t a perfect descriptor but Appian CEO Matt Calkins is surely on the side of the angels when he says it’s preferable to Gartner’s ‘Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service’.

This company can write your code 10-20 times faster

September 25, 2018   |   CNBC

Appian CEO and founder Matt Calkins joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss how his company is helping companies write code more quickly.

How IoT is redefining the contact centre

September 18, 2018   |   IoT Hub

Customers are demanding more personalised services that are delivered in real-time. Internet of things data combined with artificial intelligence could help them achieve those experiences.

Pirelli Recognizes Appian with the ICT Supplier Award

September 11, 2018   |   Global Banking and Finance Review

Pirelli, company among the world’s leading tire manufacturers and related services and with a turnover of more than 5.3 billion Euros in 2017, has awarded Appian with the 2018 Pirelli Supplier Award in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) category.

Pirelli Honors 9 Global Suppliers

August 31, 2018   |   Modern Tire Dealer

Pirelli & Cie SpA recognized the sustainability, innovation and quality of service displayed by nine suppliers from its global supply chain of more than 10,000 businesses at its 2018 Pirelli Supplier Awards.

Low-Code, Less Stress: Three Ways Low-Code Development Can Help Accelerate Digital Transformation

August 19, 2018   |   CIO Australia

Low-code development tools use a visual design format rather than coding syntax, which allows designers not trained in traditional computer sciences to understand and directly contribute to the development process.

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