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Appian Offers Free Web Service for Managing COVID-19 to Businesses

March 21, 2020   |   Cheddar

The coronavirus pandemic has many businesses and even government agencies scambling for a way to digest all of the updates and keep their employees informed, and one company in particular is stepping up to help--APPIAN. Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian, joined Cheddar to discuss.

Appian unveils software to help banks operate amid coronavirus outbreak

March 20, 2020   |   Fintech Futures

Appian, a low-code developer which helps financial services companies automate their operations, has launched a free Covid-19 ‘response management’ application for its customers, which also include government agencies.

Appian's latest product is a coronavirus management tool. The cost? Free.

March 19, 2020   |   Washington Business Journal

The growing technology company said the low-code software can be ready for customers to deploy in a matter of hours.

This app lets you self-report COVID-19 symptoms to your company

March 19, 2020   |   Fast Company

By sharing your health status with your employer, your company can look for patterns of sickness across all of its employees—and keep everyone safer.

Appian offers free app to help manage the impact of Covid-19

March 19, 2020   |   AI Business

Automation and AI specialist Appian has launched a free application designed to help businesses manage the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is Low-Code? And Could It Turbocharge Your Business?

March 17, 2020   |   Verdict

In the past decade low-code development platforms have become an increasingly popular tool in the enterprise tech suite. Robert Scammell speaks with low-code provider Appian to explore the pros and cons of the technology and whether it’s the right fit for your organisation.