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CIO Spotlight: Sidney Fernandes, University of South Florida

January 28, 2019   |   IDG Connect

Sidney Fernandes is the Vice President/CIO for Information Technology for the USF System. Since taking on this role in 2014, Fernandes has led the implementation of several large enterprise projects ranging from medical record and allied systems to student information and financial systems.

Cramer Remix: There’s ‘incredible value’ in the stock market right now

January 18, 2019   |   CNBC

There’s a big difference between cloud-based software-building platform Appian Corp. and the rest of its competitors, the company’s founder, chairman and CEO Matt Calkins told Jim Cramer in a Thursday interview.

UnionBank Launches First Fully Digital Branch in the Philippines

January 15, 2019   |   Financial IT

Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) announces that UnionBank of the Philippines used the Appian Platform to launch its first fully digital branch. The branch, called The Ark, completely transforms the customer experience, making that experience entirely digital, including internet-connected self-service kiosks and virtual reality boxes.

Digital transformation sparks low-code adoption

January 07, 2019   |   SD Times

Low-code solutions are more than just drag-and-drop, visual programming interfaces. The features tools possess can give businesses the power to answer a big part of the question of digital transformation, which is the ‘how?’ But before businesses embark on how they should approach low-code for their digital initiatives, they need to understand the why and the when, according to Jorge Sanchez, director of product strategy at Appian, an enterprise low-code and BPM software provider.

The Business of Brilliance

January 03, 2019   |   BOSS Magazine

The digital world is faster, smarter, and more connected, and oil and gas organizations need a platform to adapt to the new pace of change.

Digital transformation trends to watch in 2019 and beyond

January 03, 2019   |   Information Age

Back in the day, making your product or service incrementally better and cheaper was a sure-fire formula for business success. But those days are over.