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Back To School: Automation Platform Simplifies College Reopenings

June 17, 2020   |   RPA Today

Covid-19 abruptly ended the school year for around 15 million college students in March. How they return to campuses safely for in-person classes has become one of the most intriguing questions facing U.S. families.

Appian Releases the Latest Version of the Appian Low-code Automation Platform

June 15, 2020   |   BPM Solutions Review

Appian has launched the latest version of the Appian Low-code Automation Platform. Appian’s full-stack automation unites artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), decision rules, and workflow on a single low-code platform.

USF is using innovation to tackle coronavirus testing and awareness on campus

June 15, 2020   |   Tampa Bay Business Journal

The University of South Florida recently presented its tentative plan to put safety guidelines and testing for the novel coronavirus in place as students return to campus this fall. And a large portion of testing students and faculty will happen with the help of an app.

HR Will Lead The Return To The Office

June 12, 2020   |   Forbes

Many companies are beginning to consider how to safely bring their employees back into the office. Companies can throw money and time into revamping office layouts, but none of that will matter if employees’ perceptions and anxieties about office safety and their position at the company aren’t first addressed.

Appian Infuses Low-Code Platform With AI

June 11, 2020   |

Appian this week released an update to its low-code application development and deployment platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend best next steps, including how to address cybersecurity issues.

Announcing the latest version of the Appian low-code automation platform

June 11, 2020   |   Digitalisation World

From AI-guided app creation to low-code DevSecOps, Appian full-stack automation makes it easy to automate business and connect the workforce in times of change.