AppianLIFE Affinity Groups

At Appian, our employee-led Affinity Groups play a key part in our efforts on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Each group plays a vital role in…

  • Articulating, building, promoting, and supporting the needs and goals of their various communities.
  • Creating a positive impact through social, education, and outreach activities.
  • Fostering partnerships at Appian through inclusivity and educating allies.


Foster and support the community of women and allies to maximize a positive impact for Appian.

  • Community
    An overarching goal for AppianWOMEN is to create a more inclusive environment, bringing together both women and allies around the world.
  • Mentorship
    AppianWOMEN offers a mentorship opportunity to all members. Anyone, whether AppianWOMEN member or ally, can sign up to become a mentor to a protégé. Both the mentor and the protégé give and grow through the mentoring process.
  • Workshops
    In an effort to foster and support personal and professional development, AppianWOMEN provides opportunities for women to develop themselves through internal workshops on networking, negotiation, small talk training, and more.


Celebrate and foster an environment of support and empowerment amongst employees of all races, cultures, and ethnicities to amplify their impact on the Appian community

  • Workshops
    Education breaks barriers! Race/ethnicity/culture are sensitive subjects, but our workshops allow employees take to an introspective look at their own heritage, learn more about their peers of different backgrounds, and grow as thought leaders.
  • Cultural Events
    To recognize the various races/ethnicities/cultures in the Appian family, we host events and publish information throughout the year to observe national and international holidays!
  • Recruiting
    Diversity of cultures brings diversity of thought which leads to innovation. To support the efforts of the campus recruiting team, we are committed to representing the diverse backgrounds at Appian by attending career fairs and campus events.


Minimize Appian’s environmental footprint by helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle across our business.

  • Support the Environment
    From carpooling to catered food, we focus on minimizing our overall environmental impact.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Through education and awareness, we encourage sustainable choices.
  • Volunteer
    Connect with others who share similar environmental passions.


Celebrate and foster a safe, equal, and affirmative environment within the larger Appian community and beyond to attract, retain, and develop employees within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Diversity & Inclusion
    Support efforts focused on diversity & inclusion at Appian and within the tech industry as a whole through events, initiatives, and recruitment of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Community
    Engage with LGBTQ+ individuals through networking events both internally and in the wider community, as well as volunteer at LGBTQ+ focused organizations
  • Awareness
    Educate individuals on LGBTQ+ issues, allyship, and methods to increase inclusion within the workplace


Our mission is to enhance organizational & personal health and provide all employees with access to physical & mental resources for the betterment of their whole-life wellness.

  • Support & Promote Overall Well-Being
    To enhance organizational and personal health, and to promote work life balance and overall whole-life wellness, we strive to provide resources such as wellness fairs, exercise groups, and educational trainings.
  • Wellness Advocates
    Our goal is to advocate physical and mental health to help employees achieve optimal well-being.
  • Meditation Program
    With access to our Meditation program, started and run by our very own employees every week, we are providing mental health resources to all Appianites for the betterment of their whole-life wellness.


RISE helps employees grow together, as we develop personal and professional skills, network and build relationships across Appian, and give back to our communities.

  • Develop Career Skills
    Focus on improving the ability to perform at a high level by using techniques aimed at promoting both personal and career development through unique training sessions.
  • Inspire Yourself
    Hear from a wide array of career leaders on what makes them the best at what they do and how you can achieve analogous goals.
  • Internal Networking
    Get outside your department to expand your professional and social networks while also seeing what other opportunities and support systems exist at Appian.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe being a good employer means caring about our personnel, and being a good global citizen means caring about all people with whom we share the world. Appian is determined to be both.

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