Safe at school during COVID-19.

The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is paramount. Appian CampusPass™ is the fastest way to coordinate the safe return of your entire academic community back to campus and maintain on-going health and safety.

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Trusted by leading educational institutions such as usf dallas

Coordinate and communicate across all
departments and students.

Appian developed CampusPass™ in conjunction with leading universities, including the University of South Florida (USF). USF is a preeminent State Research University dedicated to its over 50,000 student population.

This solution facilitates coordination and communication across the entire university by giving all departments access to the same important information in real time, while maintaining the privacy and security of personal health information.

Through a unified response hub, Appian CampusPass intakes data collection and also automates the process of daily health status verification, virus testing, contact tracing, isolation protocols, and Mobile Pass on-campus authorization, while adhering to your policies and local regulations.

Holistic Solution

Centralize and automate all key components to return to campus.

Easily Configured

Technical skills and configurations not required.

Quickly Deployed

Get up and running in hours. Deploy in days.

Safe and Secure

HIPPA compliant. HITRUST certified. Enables FERPA and GDPR compliance.

“The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is our most important concern during this pandemic. Coordinating and communicating across all departments and tens of thousands of students poses a significant challenge for universities, and Appian is the platform that brings us all together safely and securely.”

–Sidney Fernandes, CIO


An integrated, holistic approach that reduces risk.

CampusPass is the only software offering that centralizes and automates all the key components needed for a safe return-to-campus while reducing the risk of on-campus COVID-19 exposure.

Appian CampusPass Solution

Fast, easy health screening. Your entire community can use a laptop or handheld device to securely submit and update personal health and risk data required by local regulations and your policies.

Automated return authorization. Based on your policies, everyone approved to return to campus automatically receives a Mobile Pass authorization (with QR code), displayed on their mobile devices for easy on-campus verification.

COVID-19 testing. Appian partnered with Everlywell to offer easy access to virus testing from within CampusPass. Everlywell is a digital health company authorized by the FDA for COVID-19 at-home collection tests.

Contact tracing. Rapidly identify and respond to COVID-19 exposure incidents with case management, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Isolation processing. Manage the process to quickly isolate exposed, on-campus residential students and protect your community.

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Smart automation for a safe, efficient return-to-campus.

A unified response hub. See and manage the health and campus status of your entire academic community in real time through one single interface.

Monitor COVID-19 spread with valuable metrics. Access critical information to determine impact of people and virus spread.

Global languages. Available out-of-the-box in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French, with the ability to expand to other languages.

Institutional branding. Easily add your school’s logo and colors to the interface.

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Appian CampusPass Solution

An automated way to keep campus safe.

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