Drive Business at Digital Speed

Build Powerful Business Apps. Drive Your Business at Digital Speed

Facing mounting pressure for your organization to operate at digital speed? You’re in good company. In today’s economy, many reputable enterprises are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of digital business. Speed has become one of the most critical components for launching new disruptive products and changing the way businesses engage and respond to customers across channels. According to Forrester Research, 46% of business leaders believe digital will impact nearly half their sales and revenue by 2020. This statistic provides further evidence that businesses must strive to accelerate their product’s time-to-market.

With speed-to-market at the forefront of digital disruption, many businesses are looking to build new applications that transform operations to meet customer demands. However, with dwindling IT resources and budget, these goals are near impossible to reach without a technology platform that connects people, processes and data for quicker innovation. Savvy business and IT leaders are turning to innovative low-code platforms to optimize operations and bridge the gap in customer expectations.

“46% of business leaders believe digital will impact nearly half their sales and revenue by 2020.”

What is a Low-Code Platform?

In its Q2 2016 Wave Report, Forrester Research defines a low-code platform as any platform that enables rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment. By this simple definition, it is easy to understand why low-code platforms have become critical for businesses looking to achieve digital transformation. While low-code development platforms help facilitate this form of business transformation, not all platforms are created equal.

The Benefits of a Low-Code Platform

The best low-code application platforms allow businesses to operate at digital speed by creating tools that enable citizen developers to build and deploy cutting-edge apps 10x faster than ever before. By favoring visual composition and interactive drag and drop tools over traditional coding, users can develop a functioning business app with no technical knowledge or training.  Appian, an enterprise low-code platform for digital transformation provides users these benefits while offering a full-featured process modeler, mobile end user experience and cloud deployment. Per Forrester’s 2016 Wave, Appian was recognized a leader for its compelling developer and process tool.

How Do You Know If a Low-Code Platform is Right for You?

By removing IT and business barriers, low-code platforms can help your business support continuous improvement and collaboration. Operating at the speed of digital is a major hurdle that traditional application development processes cannot support. For more information on the low-code market, download our complimentary copy of the Forrester Low-Code Report.

Complimentary reports include:

  • A Review of Low-Code Platform Vendors
  • What AD&D Pros Are Looking for Speedy Delivery of Customer Applications
  • The Key Aspects of The Appian Platform That Help You Harness the Power Of Low-Code