Setting SAIL with Appian 7

Almost one year ago, Appian announced an exciting new direction for our user interface based on the Appian SAIL (Self-Assembling Interface Layer) architecture.  SAIL is a powerful framework that takes declarative UI definitions to generate dynamic, interactive, and multi-platform user experiences.  We first released SAIL as a general UI framework tool, but have since rapidly evolved the capabilities as well as started to deploy SAIL as the UI architecture for all of Appian’s next generation designer interfaces.

Appian SAIL is set to make big strides in 2014, providing not only a comprehensive end-user experience but as well powerful design tools that accelerate design and testing of new user experiences.  SAIL works along side our existing UI frameworks, such as our leading drag-and-drop Forms Designer and Appian Portal interface, making it easy to allow customers to adopt new SAIL interfaces into their solutions.

We are happy to be hosting a number of presentations at Appian World 2014 to help our customers and partners learn more about Appian SAIL’s capabilities and best practices.  Sessions include:

  • How to Create Your First Appian App
    Terri McCormick, Senior Trainer, Appian
    Ready to create your first Appian application? Attend this session to see how easy it is to create a functional web and mobile process application. The complete BPM application will include data schema, SAIL forms for Tasks, business rules, records, reports, role based groups, and News events.
  • Design Once, Deploy Everywhere with Appian Interface Designer
    Suvajit Gupta, VP of Development, Appian
    Annelise Dubrovsky, Principal Product Manager, Appian
    Alison Cowley, Product Manager, Appian
    Create modern mobile and web user interfaces with Appian SAIL (Self-Assembling Interface Layer) to deliver rich and responsive user experiences. Design and test task forms, record dashboards, and reports using the new Appian Interface Designer that provides immediate feedback at design time. Create once and deploy instantly on all leading web browsers and mobile devices with no additional development.
  • Transition from Portal to Tempo for Modern and Mobile Apps
    Jed Fonner, Director of Center of Excellence, Appian
    Christine Hutchison, Director of Professional Services, Appian
    Appian’s Tempo interface supports all major web browsers and mobile devices to provide a better user experience. Learn how to transition from Appian Portal to Tempo in this session. Find out how you can enable mobility and leverage existing data, process, and dashboards to modernize your Appian applications.
  • Appian 7.5 Product Release Details
    Malcolm Ross, VP of Product MarketingAppian
    Attend this session to learn what’s new in Appian’s latest product release, Appian 7.5. Malcolm will provide a detailed walk-through including new components and enhancements to: Appian Interface Designer, SAIL, Records, Reports, Integration, Mobility and Collaboration.

Be sure to register to gain access to these exclusive training and education events.  We look forward to seeing you there to learn how your company can start leveraging SAIL to bring next generation user experiences to your solution.

Malcolm Ross
Vice President of Product Marketing