Integration plays vital role in cloud success

With cloud computing deployments becoming more complex and many businesses depending on multiple cloud systems, the need for integration is becoming critical. Business process management software can play a vital role in meeting this need by providing automation and integration in the underlying infrastructure. In turn, this process of streamlining cloud systems enables organizations to improve operational processes.

Understanding the importance of integration
According to a recent Infosys-sponsored study, approximately 40 percent of global businesses are investing in hybrid cloud solutions. This means that a significant number of companies are running a combination of private and public cloud services, and have to develop methods to make them work together.

The study, performed by IDC, revealed that the interplay of traditional IT resources, public cloud services and private cloud systems is creating major challenges for many organizations. With 56 percent of respondents telling IDC that they actively use or plan to subscribe to some form of third-party technology services in the near future, integration difficulties are becoming a fairly common problem.

Vishnu Bhat, vice president and global head of cloud services for Infosys, explained that the vital nature of cloud computing in a diverse range of business sectors is making integration a priority.

“Everyone agrees that the cloud has become an integral part of a successful business,” said Bhat. “But how an organization goes about adopting it can be a challenge. That’s why a smart company needs a proven cloud ecosystem integrator as its navigator.”

Turning to BPM
Integrating the broad cloud architecture poses a variety of operational challenges that are pushing many IT departments into a strategic role. As the trend toward cloud complexity continues, IT faces a difficult situation in which it must provide the governance and oversight needed to keep a company’s cloud investments in check. At the same time, there is a growing need to align technology to business requirements.

By implementing BPM software, organizations can develop process automation systems that deal with many major cloud, mobile and social integration problems. This functionality integrates the diverse technological systems that employees use on a day-to-day basis to ensure workers have access to the data they need, when they need it and without having to sift through large amounts of information they don’t want to deal with. This enables technology to drive business gains, monetizing IT processes.