Is Your Insurance Company Like a Cheesy Science Fiction Movie?

It sounds like a scene from a cheesy science fiction movie.

It all starts with a service interaction…any service interaction.

Every time your customers pick up the phone…log on to your website…hit you up on their iPhone, tablet, smart device…a small piece of them is digitized.


Seemingly lost…broken up and spread out deep in the systems across your company.

And, it happens over and over and over again.

Your customers become a series of data objects, trapped in the machine…never to be whole again.

Yeah, it sounds like a cheesy science fiction movie, but the wild part? It’s real.

Think about it. Why do customers get frustrated? Why don’t service reps have current, complete information? Why can’t you get an accurate picture of what your current customer base might need…what product they may have interest in investing?

It’s all those separate data objects, trapped across IT systems.

When access to meaningful information is the key to creating consistent, contextual customer interactions, how do you put your customer in context, at the center of your business?

You become a connected insurance company.

The connected insurance company puts the customer at the heart of the matter.

And, at the IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show—June 12 -15 in San Antonio, Texas—see what it takes to become a connected insurance company.  Visit Appian at booth #1136 for some great discussion. And, learn how to create better, contextual interactions that result in an exceptional customer experience.

Zach Messler