Funtime Friday: Bust a Move on a New BPM Groove

Happy Funtime Friday!

Over 25 summers ago, Young MC’s iconic song, “Bust a Move,” broke down musical barriers on radio and MTV playlists. Rolling Stone called the ground-breaking song “the hit that changed Hip-Hop…[an] inescapable, a G-rated funk-bomb integral to hip-hop’s eventual mainstream acceptance.”

In the field of building easy, powerful enterprise business applications, you could also say that new, user-friendly Business Process Management technology has busted the status quo on old-school process automation.

With the help of Young MC’s “Bust a Move,” let’s break down the appeal of new, user-friendly BPM technology.

Bust a Move on a New BPM Groove

Bust it!

This here’s a jam for the digital honchos,
Who want to make BPM more mellow.

You’re on a mission, and you’re wishin’
To find a cure for old school automation.

Looking for answers in all the wrong places.
No success, just your frustration.

Some solutions? Too simplistic
Others, braggadocious and opportunistic.

You check the hype, the words sound pretty.
Vendors talk tech, so they can seem witty.

They spit specs, just to get some play
Create and optimize apps? “No way!”

Vendors fakin’
Goodness sakin’
Process automation
Brings home the bacon.

Revenue’s slumpin’
Heart rate’s thumpin’
Need to step up for a BPM groove?

Don’t just stand there, bust a move…

You want it, you got it,
          Just bust a move…
You want it, you got it,
          Just bust a move…


Roland Alston