Cloud services market poised for rapid growth

As more companies invest in cloud, mobile and social solutions, business process management software is emerging as a key solution to support data integration between such diverse solutions. With cloud computing gaining even more momentum, the need for BPM could rise fast.

According to a recent Gartner study, the market for public cloud services will rise by approximately 19.6 percent globally, creating a total value of $109 billion. Demand for business process applications is currently among the most prominent elements of the market, as process-related applications make up about 77 percent of the entire market. Cloud infrastructure services, while not nearly as prominent as business applications, represent one of the fastest growing segments of the global cloud market, as it will rise by more than 45 percent in 2012.

Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner, said that the cloud market was valued at approximately $91.4 billion in 2011. By 2016, the sector will climb to $206.6 billion. Throughout this time, the types of services gaining popularity will diversify, with infrastructure and cloud management tools among the most prominent areas for growth. Because the sector is changing so quickly, companies striving for cloud success will need to remain acutely aware of how the industry is shifting at any time.

“The cloud services market is clearly a high-growth sector within the overall IT marketplace,” said Anderson. “The key to taking advantage of this growth will be understanding the nuances of the opportunity within service segments and geographic regions, and then prioritizing investments in line with the opportunities.”

The geographic layout of the cloud market is, like the service landscape, fairly complex, the study found. North America is currently the largest contributor to cloud revenues and it will continue to post the most prolific growth from an absolute value standpoint. However, the pace of expansion will be much slower than the cloud’s rise in other parts of the world, such as Latin America and the Asia/Pacific region.

With cloud computing becoming such a prominent technology so quickly, businesses have to evaluate how they can use the technology to improve day-to-day operations, not just streamline IT. BPM software can play an invaluable role in this process because it allows organizations to make the most of technological resources through a combination of automation and integration.