Cloud computing’s future is social

Business process management software has gained popularity in response to the need to take data from cloud, social media and mobile systems and align it to support operational gains. As these technologies continue to grow and take on a larger role in the enterprise, the need for BPM will rise. This is especially evident in the areas of the cloud and social media, which are converging like two magnets that will not be held back.

According to a recent Dr. Dobb’s report, business intelligence software manufacturers and other industry constituents are increasingly building BI into every element of operations. This means that two workers text chatting about an issue while simultaneously looking over a document through an enterprise file sharing tool are often having their conversations recorded and analyzed so businesses can identify key contributors.

The news source explained that this kind of functionality is invaluable to companies because it allows them to not only identify workers who offer potential, but also allows them to inject other applications and services with social capabilities to improve collaboration and overall operations. Because of this, cloud computing and social media will be closely aligned as vendors develop new cloud solutions moving forward.

But what happens when two workers make a decision about something during a text chat without formally documenting it, and then lose track of what they meant to do? How do businesses take the comments made about them on social media and deliver them to employees in a cohesive way that puts them in their proper context? These two questions are key to the future development of cloud and social solutions, which also rely heavily on mobile integration as well because so many consumers and enterprise employees are depending more on smartphones and tablets.

The solution to the problems presented in these questions comes in the form of BPM solutions. The technology provides context for data while also automating repeatable processes and ensuring employees have access to the data they need at any time without having to sort through superfluous information that limits productivity. As the cloud, social media and mobile continue to intertwine, businesses will likely benefit substantially from the integration, automation and data handling capabilities offered by BPM.