BPM vital to unleashing the cloud’s potential

Cloud computing offers businesses a way to deploy innovative technologies in a fiscal and technical model that is more accessible than traditional enterprise solutions. Because of this, it gives companies the ability to revolutionize how they manage their IT environments and better align their technical operations with corporate goals. To reach this end, organizations often get the best results when they combine business process management software with their cloud systems to ensure corporate and technological processes align as effectively as possible.

According to a recent ITWeb report, the need for BPM solutions to go alongside the cloud is becoming more important as businesses get deeper into the cloud. Industry expert Bernard Donnelly told the news source that individual cloud systems for functions such as customer relationship management or infrastructure platforms can be solid options as standalone solutions. However, companies are unable to get the most out of these individual cloud applications without developing methods to get them to work in concert with each other to improve the relationship between technology and business processes.

“Enterprises need to think about how the cloud can transform the entire business, not just how it transforms IT,” Donnelly told ITWeb. “You’re going to get left behind if you aren’t looking to how the cloud can revolutionize the way you run your business.”

While cloud computing helps accelerate the pace of enterprise IT, Donnelly told the news source that the technology still does not move faster than business operations. As a result, companies need to use process management and similar solutions to ensure technical functionality meets up with procedural demands.

“IT changes at a glacial rate compared to the organization. Organizations can change strategy in three to six months, but IT changes require a lengthy gestation period. Traditional IT can’t keep up, but BPM in the cloud will allow you to put together all the major elements needed to run your business in the cloud, and change and adapt very rapidly,” Donnelly told ITWeb.

BPM is especially important when supporting the cloud because the technology is increasingly being used to support mobile employees. As smartphone and tablet use rises and the cloud serves as the foundation for mobility, organizations have to find a way to overcome usage barriers that can get in between these disparate solutions and process-related measures. BPM is often the answer.