Appian for Care Management

Appian for Care Management

Care management is a rapidly growing area for healthcare payers as the landscape of population health expands. Healthcare payers need care management programs that help their members take control of their wellness. Care managers  help patients maintain exercise regimens and healthy eating habits, control chronic conditions, and even social determinants of health, such as access to affordable healthy foods and preventive medicine.

With a whole spectrum of health-related variables to manage, payers need a care management technology solution that can bring a massive amount of data and actions into a single interface and ultimately helps improve member outcomes. This includes seamless workflows and operational efficiency, plus the ability to use robotic process automation (RPA) where data can be actionable to help members.

Low-code for Care Management

Appian’s low-code platform can allow healthcare payers to bring all their member’s data together on a single, easy to use care management solution. Users can take advantage of a unified platform with complete visibility over information that helps enhance and achieve wellness, all in one place.

Plus, with Appian’s HIPAA and HITRUST certified cloud, payers can rest assured that private health information is protected. With this, Appian’s future-proof interface allows organizations to effortlessly stay on top of changes in government regulations and avoid risk or fines.

Healthcare Payer Care Management Workflow Applications

Recently, research and advisory firm Gartner released its report on healthcare payer care management workflow applications, highlighting what solutions and features payers need to best serve their members. In the report, Gartner states that care management solutions will be a growing area of focus and investment over the next few years.

Read the Gartner report now to see how care management is shaping the future for healthcare payers and what it can mean for your organization’s future.

Alexa Cushman
Senior Industry Marketing Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences