App strategies have to be considered when companies go mobile

Bring your own device and other enterprise mobility strategies are emerging as prominent options for businesses. But as companies implement new mobile solutions, the need to secure data against the myriad threats in the mobile world becomes prevalent. In the past, organizations have focused on device-level protection measures in an effort to prevent data loss or theft. However, the shifting mobile climate is pushing more corporations to consider application-level security, leading to the creation of more enterprise app stores, Network Computing reported.

The news source explained that mobile security efforts are increasingly focusing on creating enterprise app stores that control the applications and services employees can access using their mobile devices. Industry expert Brian Reed told Network Computing that ease of use is one of the primary motivators behind the enterprise app store movement. He said that one of the major motivating factors behind BYOD and other corporate mobile movements is that it gives users easy and convenient access to corporate data and systems. Enterprise app stores continue that accessibility, but do so in a more secure manner.

Industry expert John Juris echoed this sentiment, telling the news source that enterprise app stores extend the constant access to work systems offered by BYOD to the application layer, adding a level of convenience that can be attractive for many workers.

“Employees want anytime, anywhere, anyhow access to the apps they need to do their job,” Juris told Network Computing. “They don’t think in terms of mobile, on premises, cloud, browser-based, etc. They just want their data and they want their apps on the devices they happen to be using.”

In many instances, the push for enterprise app stores begins with security in mind, because mobile apps can include malware or even store important user information without telling individuals. As a result, companies have to carefully select which applications can or cannot be used on smartphones and tablets containing corporate data.

However, enterprise app stores also have an operational impact on employees. In some cases, they can make new services so accessible that using them effectively becomes more challenging. Essentially, the wave of new mobile and social applications can lead to an overwhelming environment, especially with many of those solutions generating large quantities of data. As a result, business process management software and similar solutions are increasingly necessary to streamline many operational processes to help workers make the most of their mobile solutions.