Derek Miers

Research Director, Gartner

Derek Miers has been an industry analyst and consultant for more than 25 years, focused on the areas of digital transformation, business architecture, process management and technology innovation. He has been advising major organizations across industry and government. Prior to Gartner, Mr. Miers worked in research and consulting companies including Forrester Research where he published over 60 reports on enterprise architecture, digital transformation and business process management. His deep competence is around process modeling/automation and enterprise architecture, especially as they relate to setting up, scaling and running major digital transformation initiatives. He focuses on how the use of models drive adaptability and agility; how they inform, connect and translate technology strategy into digital transformation initiatives; and then on into operational execution and analytics. Mr. Miers has developed a range of co-creation techniques for driving engagement in change programs and scaling transformation efforts. His recent research (prior to Gartner) was around the implications of advances in decision management and, separately, establishing RPA as an enterprise-wide capability (not the technology but the challenges of setting it up and scaling it).