Topics Covered

Advanced Data Design

  • Map to existing tables and views using JPA Annotation
  • Define table relationships between multiple CDTs using JPA Annotation
  • Learn data locking strategies
  • Discuss best practices for CDT change management
  • Troubleshoot database performance
  • Design data and queries to optimize performance
  • Discuss best practices for views and stored procedures

Advanced Application Design

  • Design scalable processes to optimize performance and minimize memory usage.
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques for process performance
  • Learn when to use chaining, looping versus MNI, and sub-processes versus process to process messaging.
  • Understand data caps
  • Design for process maintainability

Interface Management

  • Troubleshoot interface performance
  • Design interfaces for performance
  • Create and implement reusable interfaces
  • Secure data displayed on interfaces

User Experience

  • Learn best practices for effectively integrating the 5 tabs of Tempo
  • Design effective and meaningful news posts
  • Create custom task reports that improve user efficiency
  • Design meaningful records and reports that are effective and easy to use.
  • Design actions for usability

Application Delivery

  • Learn best practices for object development and application assembly and deployment
  • Understand impacts of exporting and importing each type of design object
  • Explore testing best practices
  • Discuss application change management
  • Interpret Appian Health Check results

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