Topics Covered

  • Intro to Appian
  • Appian’s user community (Forum)
  • Application Planning
  • Create an application
  • Design a Quick App
  • Set security
  • Create and manage Users and Groups
  • Create Rules and Constants
  • Utilize Appian functions
  • Implement Entity and Process Backed Records
  • Create interfaces for tasks, records, and reports
  • Create reports using Appian’s Report Builder
  • Build and test advanced Expressions including SAIL functions
  • Design Process Models
    • Gateways
    • User Inputs Tasks
    • Start Forms
    • Exceptions, Escalations, and Deadlines
    • Sub-processes
    • Quick tasks
    • News smart services
  • Add application Actions
  • Create a Site
  • Describe application usability best practices for desktop and mobile
  • Create and use custom data types and data stores
  • Read and write data to and from a relational database
  • Upload and download documents to and from document management


  • Homework is assigned each night to reinforce topics covered in class

Project Work

  • Given requirements in the form of user stories, plan and design an application (requires Instructor milestone review)
  • Design interfaces according to Interface Design Best Practices (including desktop and mobile)
  • Present completed application to instructor and peers


  • Bootcamp exam based on course topics (completed during the course)
  • Optional: Appian Designer Credential Exam (to be completed after the course)

Next Steps