Academy Overview

  • Classroom

    Instructor-led courses take place at our headquarters in Reston, VA as well as in our United Kingdom and Australia offices. Click here for our classroom facility locations.

  • Virtual Classroom

    Appian online training that provides the flexibility of self-paced training with a personal course coach.

    • Courses are session-based and monitored by an instructor who answers questions and leads webinars to complement online learning.
    • Content is accessible day or night so you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace for the duration of the session.
  • Onsite

    If you prefer a personalized classroom experience closer to home, we’re happy to travel to you. Our trainers deliver onsite training to customers all over the world. Click below to register for an onsite class and work with our training team to coordinate the course, date, and location of your request.

Learning Paths

Training Analyst Icon


Analysts gather and assess the requirements of various groups and roles within their organization.

They communicate application requirements through design of the business workflow and user experience. Analysts define user roles and responsibilities in the context of records, reports, tasks, and news feeds. After completing training, it is recommended that Analysts complete the Appian Analyst Credential Exam.

Recommended background for an Analyst:

  • Familiarity with requirement-gathering methodologies
  • Understanding of fundamental web development concepts like navigation and pages

Available Courses

  • Appian Essentials
  • Analyst 100
  • Analyst 101
  • Designer Lite 111
Details and Course Dates

Training Designer Icon


Designers implement and configure application requirements by creating records, process models, business rules, forms, and news posts, as well as assigning security roles. They should deliver an intuitive, organized, and consumable end-user experience. Designers oversee deployment of the application in various environments. After completing training, it is recommended that Designers gain some project experience to successfully complete the Appian Designer Credential Exam.

Recommended background for a Designer:

  • Familiarity with the concepts of BPM and BPMN diagramming
  • Understanding of development concepts like variables, functions, and data types
  • Prior development/design experience

Available Courses

  • Designer 200
  • Designer 201
  • Designer 202
  • Bootcamp
Details and Course Dates

Training Lead Designer Icon

Lead Designer

In addition to implementing a functional application, a Lead Designer should be able to manage the overall quality of a solution under varying requirements and scope. They should have an advanced understanding of data, process, and interface design techniques that will help to optimize a solution for user experience, performance, and scalability. After completing training, it is recommended that Lead Designers gain project management experience to successfully complete the Appian Lead Designer Credential Exam.

Topics like Advanced Data Design, Advanced Application Design, Interface Management, and Application Delivery will give Lead Designers a more holistic perspective of application components and teach them how to make effective design decisions.

Recommended background for a Lead Designer:

  • Project experience as an Appian Designer (including best practices)
  • Database Experience
  • Preferably Designer Credentialed

Available Courses

  • Lead Designer 300
  • Lead Designer 301
Details and Course Dates

Training Developer Icon


A developer takes designer-level knowledge to the next level by building custom plug-ins. Developers will learn how to build and deploy: functions, Smart Services, servlets, custom data types, and service-backed records as Java modules.  As a developer, you’ll be able to extend the out-of-the-box functionality to meet your company’s custom needs.

Recommended background for a Developer:

  • Understanding of Appian Designer level functionality
  • Strong background in programming languages, specifically Java

Available Courses

  • Developer 400
  • Developer 401
  • Developer 402
Details and Course Dates

Training Administrator Icon


An Appian Administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining the Appian infrastructure by monitoring the system’s ongoing health and applying upgrades and hotfixes. The Administrator should also create and adhere to backup procedures and maintain policies for disaster recovery and high availability.

Recommended background for a Administrator:

  • Familiarity in networking
  • Familiarity with web servers (Apache, IIS, etc.)

Available Courses

  • Admin 500
  • Admin 501
  • Admin 502
Details and Course Dates

How to register for bpm training

How to Register

  1. Sign up for a Forum account. Please allow up to 48 hours for approved access to Forum.
  2. Log into Forum, click the Actions tab, and select “Appian Training” from the application list.
  3. Select to register for either a Classroom OR Virtual Classroom course.
  4. Choose your course and register!

Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the link below to get answers to frequently asked questions as well as Academy policy information.

Academy Policies

Pricing Information

Academy Training (classroom) Payment

  • Appian Training accepts all major credit cards, purchase cards, wire transfers, and checks
  • We accept purchase orders for amounts over $10,000 (USD)
  • To purchase a subscription, please contact

Virtual Classroom (online) Payment

  • Payment must be made by the individual taking the course
  • We accept all major credit cards and purchase cards
Appian Credential

Appian Credentials

  • Bolster your professional reputation by earning an Appian Credential by applying best practices and successfully delivering high-quality Appian applications.
  • Obtain an Appian Credential to master the advanced Appian applications that leverage the latest technology innovations.

To learn more about credentials and pricing, check out our Appian Credential FAQ on Forum.

Appian Training Productions

Appian Training Productions

Appian Training Productions

Ensure your users know the ins and outs of your organization’s application with Appian Training Productions.

This service includes professional videos that are produced using instructional strategies and studio quality standards. Watch our demo to learn more!

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