The AdoptNOW program is a unique implementation approach which focuses on quickly (typically, within 6 weeks) releasing a solution to production.  This approach jumpstarts your new Appian solution area by accelerating into a first release with the goal to deliver value quickly to your end users.  We have found that once users start using Appian software, they can better describe their needs.   This approach leads to higher quality solutions and improved user adoption.

The AdoptNOW program leverages Appian’s STAR methodology which is an incremental delivery approach based on the Agile methodology (Scrum specifically).  As part of this engagement model, Appian provides a team of experts called the Acceleration Team who lead the implementation using Agile methods to quickly and transparently deliver new functionality within your solution area.  As part of the project, we leverage the typical Scrum roles (Product Owner and Scrum Master) and the typical Scrum ceremonies (sprint planning meeting, daily scrums, sprint demos, and retrospectives).

An AdoptNOW project consists of 4 parts

  1. Pre-Project Planning
  2. Project Initiation
  3. Delivery Sprints
  4. Release (& Repeat – optional)

During pre-project planning, an Appian Technical Delivery Manager will work with your team to ensure there is a common understanding of what we expect from your team on day one of the project.  We will provide advice on maturing your requirements and expressing them in the format best suited for an efficient start to the project.  Through our discussions we will ensure your requirements have the right level of maturity and that you have secured the proper resources to play the roles which are needed for the project.

Project initiation (aka “Sprint 0”) includes all the activities necessary to get the team ready for Sprint 1 (the first delivery sprint).

There are a number of artifacts that are produced as part of Sprint 0, but the key ones are:

  • Solution Vision
  • Solution Backlog (user story format) with Story Point estimates
  • Roadmap and Release Plan
  • Solution Architecture

The ultimate goal of Sprint 0 is to identify a Release 1 scope that can be built within 2 development sprints and released into production.  Within Sprint 0, the Appian Acceleration team quickly synthesizes the requirements and will work collaboratively with your team to determine a solution scope that is achievable within the specified release schedule.

Once Sprint 0 has concluded, the team is ready to begin the Delivery Sprints.  Each sprint includes a sprint planning meeting, daily scrums, a sprint demo, and a retrospective.

The Delivery Sprint team is comprised of the following roles:

  • Product Owner – typically provided by client
  • Scrum Master – typically provided by client
  • Tester – typically provided by client
  • Business Analyst – typically provided by client
  • Appian Developers – we provide a team of Appian experts called the “Appian Acceleration Team”

Once the team has completed their Delivery Sprints, your first release is ready for final testing and deployment to production.  At this point, most implementations will continue to incrementally deliver using the methodology learned as part of this project.  The Solution Backlog will contain a prioritized list of functionality that could be organized to be part of a future release.  It is important that subsequent releases take in as much user feedback as possible this will lead to improved user adoption and higher quality solutions.

The AdoptNOW project costs $99,000.00 and includes an Appian Acceleration team for 6 weeks.  Contact Appian Sales to see if your project may be a good fit for this engagement model.