Personnel Administration and Security Solution for Federal Agencies

Human Resources Management professionals in federal agencies face a daunting challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of their facilities and information technology systems. Agencies are not closed islands; fulfilling their mission requires integrating routine operations with employees of branches of government, contractors, and constituents. Rapid advances in security technology in areas like biometrics, encryption, and smart cards provide powerful new tools but have also led to a proliferation of new systems and software to integrate.

The distribution of essential user and investigation data across multiple system and agency boundaries turns security processing into a tangled web of islands of automation connected by email, paper, spreadsheets, and phone calls. The significant manual effort required to complete security processing in this fragmented, disconnected environment creates serious issues.

Process software can address these issues. This paper describes how the Appian Personnel Administration and Security Solution (PASS) creates a unified view of people and investigations in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel security administration. Personnel administration and security software integrates data and work previously fragmented across many different systems into a transparent and automated process.

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