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Business Agility in the Mobile Age

Are your business processes available anytime, anywhere, on any device?

Today, a mobile revolution is upon us, and now more than ever customers expect to be connected to their critical business processes while on-the-go. A modern BPM suite must offer a complete solution for enterprise mobility. If the suite provides native applications on all leading mobile devices, users are able to communicate, take action, track events, send requests, receive notifications, and integrate with existing CRM, ERP and database systems even when out of the office.

Appian’s customers are at the forefront of driving real business value by modernizing processes for a mobile world. Mobile presents unique issues (many of which Appian customers can side-step through our unique and highly-secure “write once, deploy anywhere” architecture), but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

This white paper describes the challenges enterprises face in empowering a new generation of mobile workers. It also illustrates how solutions delivered on the Appian BPM Suite enable developers to rapidly deliver secure and high-value mobile process solutions. Download your free copy now to learn more about the mobile capabilities of the Appian BPM Suite.