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Driving Customer Engagement Through Digital Channels

You Asked:

  • How do customers expect to interact with their financial institutions, and how is that changing?
  • What are the best practices to creating a true multichannel strategy?
  • How can I quickly adapt my channel offers to changing consumer needs and competitive forces?

Our Research Says:

Financial institutions continue to see success in driving transactions to lower-cost digital channels, but these channels are causing customers to experience inconsistent service and communications. 73% of customers say digital channels deliver ineffective service when trying to resolve issues. Sales executives face pressure to increase sales by as much as 25% by 2018, but their success won’t come from the branch office – it will hinge on significant digital channel improvements.

Only highly-coordinated organizations will be able to meet the challenge. They will do it by engaging customers when, where and how the customer dictates, and managing the process effectively across multiple channels.

This Webinar Will Provide:

  • Consumer perspectives on banking and channel services supported by survey data channel transaction measurements.
  • Key drivers and priorities for peers in financial institutions as they develop and execute on their channel integration efforts.
  • Case studies of successful efforts to center and support banking services across multiple channels.