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Transform Your Understanding of Business Process Management

It’s the classic riddle that IT and Line of Business Managers have posed through the ages: What comes first, process improvement or process automation?

Specifically, how do I know what my processes are if nobody is following them? And how can I improve them if they’re not yet being measured? Should I go to all the trouble of a technology implementation if the processes are going to change soon?

A modern Business Process Management platform allows your organization to gain business intelligence without a complex, expensive IT overhaul. Once processes are modeled and executed in a friendly visual environment, business units will rapidly identify bottlenecks and problem areas ñ and immediately start brainstorming and implementing improvements. With the chicken and the egg so close together, you can get moving quickly and make fewer tradeoffs.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts on both the theory and the practice of process improvement, to help answer the riddle for your organization. Customer success stories put this all in context for organizations at every step of the business process transformation journey.

Watch this webinar to learn how using modern process applications can:

  • Add insight, analytics, and intelligence to your processes
  • Enforce best practices and fast service through intuitive, mobile-enabled user interactions
  • Allow business units the flexibility to respond better and faster to operational changes and customer needs