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Transform your Company through Modern Process Applications

Many business managers know that their organization can operate better with some improvements to their business processes. But sometimes they don’t know exactly what needs to be changed.

To gain this business intelligence without complex IT time, resources, or intervention, business process management (BPM) software is used to model and create modern process applications. Once the processes are clearly illustrated, business units can easily identify potential bottlenecks and problem areas, and decide ways to improve and transform their operations.

Punch Taverns is a leading pub leasing management company with a portfolio of over 4,000 properties in the United Kingdom. Attend this webinar to learn about their business transformation journey from one “point solution” to a strategic enterprise platform for the entire organization. Punch Taverns’ story will be presented by Kevin Dalley who led their transformation team.

You’ll also hear from industry analyst and thought leader, Neil-Ward Dutton, on how to transform your company through modern process applications.