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Understanding Social Collaboration and How it Applies to Your Business

Social and mobile technologies have an important role to play in today’s workplace. While it’s easily assumed that popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter) should have a place within the enterprise, the way social technology is implemented will have a direct impact on how these new advancements are adopted by employees and whether they are used as an effective tool in process management.

Appian has built social tools that not only provide context to business issues and opportunities when they arise, but also help mobilize the workforce and increase efficiency when it’s needed the most.

This guide – Understanding Social Collaboration And How It Applies To Your Business, reviews how organizations can turn the social and mobile revolution into real business value by:

  • Delivering a better and more consistent customer experience
  • Increasing organizational productivity
  • Improving real-time decision making
  • Accelerating the tempo of your business in responding to new market opportunities

Look deeper into issues surrounding current problems with social strategies within the enterprise, and discover how working socially can accelerate your business.