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Creating Agile Solutions with a BPM Application Platform

Today the greatest challenge facing any business is also its greatest opportunity – transforming existing operations and applications to match new customer expectations.

This challenge is further compounded by competition from “digital natives” who, free of any burden from legacy systems, are aggressively pursuing your customers across multiple fronts of mobile, web and social channels.

Traditional approaches to application development cannot keep pace. In contrast, a BPM-based application platform allows for true model-driven development to rapidly deliver more agile and adaptive applications that leverage common services (process, rules and data) and a common UI for a consistent and optimal user experience across multiple apps.

In this educational webinar, recognized industry leaders Malcolm Ross, Appian VP of Product Management, and Nathaniel Palmer, Editor-in-Chief of, will examine the advantages of a BPM-based application platform in creating adaptive and agile solutions for your digital business.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Utilize Agile methodologies to create continuous value for the business
  • Leverage a low-code, model-driven approach to keep pace with customer demand
  • Build intuitive and natively mobile applications for rapid user adoption