Syntel Inc.

Region: Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, North America
Industry: Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom and Media

Syntel (Nasdaq:SYNT) is the global leader in digital modernization services, with a core suite of automation-driven IT and knowledge process services.

Syntel helps global enterprises thrive in the Two-Speed World™ by building agile, efficient technology infrastructures that blend legacy business models with disruptive digital innovations. We create long-term business value for our clients by investing in IP, solutions and industry-focused delivery teams that concentrate domain knowledge.

Our digital modernization approach addresses both “run the business” and “change the business” challenges, with solutions that leverage automation to operate with greater agility and efficiency, while harnessing next generation technologies transform by gaining a profound understanding of end customers and enabling clients to bring innovative new products and services to market faster than their competition.

Syntel’s recursive automation platform, SyntBots®, enables clients to manage, migrate, and modernize their business and technology ecosystems to enable them to compete in the digital age.

Syntel believes in a “Customer for Life” philosophy to build collaborative partnerships and creates long-term business value for its clients by investing in IP, solutions and industry-focused delivery teams with deep domain knowledge.

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