Region: Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, Global, Latin America, North America
Industry: Financial Services, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing

Procensol is a firm that nurtures thought leadership and encourages the creative mind. Often consulted as trusted advisers to our customers, we specialise in leading and implementing process-driven solutions in Appian. We also offer high-level management consulting services in many areas of Business Process Management.

Our company vision simply stated is “Lead, Innovate, Impress”. We believe that every Procensol consultant should be able to lead our customers to be better that they are. At the core of this belief is the fact that BPM needs to evolve to keep up with the current world of big change. Procensol has adapted and is moving with the demands of these changes.

Procensol offers a range of targeted products and services to help businesses achieve their transformation goals:

  • We are experts in Appian. We are normally engaged in lead and architect roles.
  • We provide enterprise-level process design, analysis and management consulting.
  • We use process accelerators to speed up implementation projects.
  • We offer an Agile BPM Implementation Toolkit (ABIT) adapted for Appian’s STAR methodology for clear and consistent project delivery.
  • We have consultants for innovation and strategic BPM planning.

We are headquartered in the UK, servicing Europe and also have an office in Brisbane, Australia servicing Asia-Pacific.