Region: Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, Global, Latin America, North America
Industry: Financial Services, Telecom and Media

EXUS is an international enterprise software company specializing in credit life cycle management. EXUS was founded in 1989 with the vision to transform the complex software industry making it simple, accessible and exciting. We are supporting financial organizations and telecom operators around the world to improve their credit risk management efficiency, increase confidence in their strategic decision making and achieve success in demanding and competitive markets.

Credit risk professionals in 12 countries worldwide trust EXUS Financial Suite daily to improve collections performance. EFS consists of five applications:

EXUS Early Warning System
Supports organisations in applying sound credit monitoring practices and preventing credit risk, rather than reacting to its occurrence.

EXUS Collections
Incorporates a wide set of tools that support organisations in effectively managing their delinquent customers from the 1st day of delinquency until abandonment.

EXUS Collections Analytics
Supports collections managers on both operational and strategic level by providing an extensive list of predefined reports as well as a collections business model that permits the design of reports that fit specific needs, by end users.

EXUS Collections Self Service
Scales collections capacity quickly and cost-effectively through an online self-service collections tool which substantially improves collections results

EXUS Legal Recoveries
Manages and tracks litigation processes performed after collections have failed for both retail and corporate customers, either through in-house management or outsourcing.