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Build powerful applications 10x faster.

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Appian makes it easy to build powerful enterprise

Only Appian combines the speed of low-code development with the power of industry-leading process management (and more!). It’s the secret weapon that puts your digital transformation on the fast track. Getting started is easy.

It's fast. Ridiculously fast.

Speed is what separates the digital leaders from the afterthoughts. Appian supports fast app creation for digital leaders…Just one reason why Appian is named a leader in the Forrester Wave for Low-Code Development Platforms report.

  • Low-Code Icon

    Low-Code Development

    Abandon the need for code with drag-and-drop, declarative, visual development for all aspects of app development – UX design, process design, rules design, and more.

  • Reusability Icon

    Ultimate Reusability

    Maximize developer productivity and ensure data governance and consistency across apps.

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    Fast Case Management

    With an industry-leading, pre-built case management capability, you get support for service requests, incident management, investigations, and more…all included.

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    Zero-Effort Mobile

    Your innovation…instantly available via desktop and native mobile apps with full offline capability…all with no extra effort.

So simple, anyone can do it.

With patent-pending Quick Apps, anyone can build an enterprise app in minutes. Go from idea to innovation… experience the fastest way to kick off an agile development project. Empower citizen developers and bridge the gap between business and IT.

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A beautiful user experience, every time.

A consistent user experience across all your apps speeds development, improves maintainability, and minimizes end-user training. For a more custom look-and-feel, Appian’s Embedded features gives you ultimate UX flexibility.

Immediate changes.
Instant deployment.
Zero app management overhead.

(Really, there's nothing else like it.)

Publish Low-Code Apps Easily
  • Instant App Deployment Icon

    Instant Deployment

    Launch a new app instantaneously. With a click, you can roll it out to your entire user base.

  • Immediate Changes Icon

    Immediate Changes

    Make changes on-the-fly and implement them in production with literally no downtime.

  • Zero App Management Icon

    Zero App Management

    Free your apps from the need to be individually monitored and managed. Appian makes sure they’re running smoothly…automatically.

The power to “un-silo” your business.

At the heart of Appian is a unique, foundational data layer called Records. Appian Records converges business information – typically trapped across legacy systems and individual apps – into a single, drillable summary. It’s a new, actionable single-version-of-the-truth for any business topic. Free your business from the shackles of information silos…with Appian Records.

Customer Word Cloud
  • Binoculars Icon

    Get Current, Complete Context

    Converge business information from across systems for instant access to the real, up-to-date picture.

  • Take Immediate Action

    Take Immediate Action

    Collaborate, launch processes or cases, and make fully-informed decisions, directly from each business topic.

  • No Data Migration

    No Data Migration

    Virtualized approach eliminates the need for costly system consolidation projects.

Integrate everything.

Process Management

Powerful process management makes for powerful applications.

With Appian, you can automate any process end-to-end without the need for custom code. Plus, get a full set of capabilities to optimize and improve processes-automatically-as they run. It’s all in there. That’s why Appian has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites seven consecutive times.

Process Modeler

Powerful microservice architecture connects every app you build.

Every Appian app takes advantage of a shared microservice architecture, eliminating the need to rebuild core functionality on an app-by-app basis. The result? A unique, connected user experience across applications, providing a unified, cross-functional view of the business…and any part of it.

  • Data and Analytics Bubble

    Consolidate multiple system views into rich, dynamic dashboards and interactive reports…available in any app you build, or across them all.

  • Document Management Bubble

    Take advantage of integrated document and content management to store, secure, version, search, and manage content across your business.

  • Collaboration Bubble

    Gain business context typically trapped in the minds of your employees. Appian’s unique, inclusive collaboration links business events with workforce insights.

  • Business Rules Bubble

    Define critical policies and processes, then automate, enforce, and audit them for sustainable, repeatable success.

In the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both... Appian is always enterprise-grade.

  • Compliance Logos

    Unmatched Security

    With more certifications than any low-code or BPM platform vendors, Appian continuously invests and innovates to protect our customers…and yours.

  • Mission-Critical Reliability

    Mission-Critical Reliability

    Appian leads the low-code and BPM industries with the top recorded overall availability of 99.99%, a 99.95% availability SLA, and a unique high availability offering that includes a 15 minute recovery time objective (RTO).

  • Unified Governance with Appian Records

    Unified Governance

    Appian’s unique governance layer ensures data quality and consistency across every app you build. It enables a single-version-of-truth for any core business topic. And, it empowers both business and IT with reusability while ensuring secure access to data and process capabilities.

One platform. It's all included.
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