Yong Tai Real Estate Co. Ltd

Region: Asia Pacific
Industry: Service Providers

Yongtai Real Estate Group was established and registered by the Beijing Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce in February 1999. Their charter is to oversee and manage over 1,500,000 square meters of existing and prospective development projects. Yongtai is composed of 13 wholly owned subsidiaries that provide property management, real estate construction, facility operations, financing and hotel management.

Business Problem

Yongtai sought to standardize on a BPM platform as part of a strategic program to drive business performance across all projects, groups and regions. In addition to increasing process visibility and optimization, Yongtai wanted to eliminate isolated islands of information within Yongtai’s companies through a centralized Knowledge Center of more than 100,000 documents.

Appian BPM Solution

Yongtai’s initial Appian deployment automated their contract management process, driving a new level of efficiency while also significantly reducing error rates and providing a paperless audit trail. Appian also delivers personalized information portals and collaborative workspaces for the tens of thousands of business users distributed throughout the subsidiaries and management of the company. Because Appian’s flexible service-oriented architecture simplified integration with Yongtai’s enterprise applications for budgeting/finance, project management and customer relationship management, the company can now link cross-system business data into a centralized view.