Region: Europe & Middle East
Industry: Healthcare

psHEALTH is the leading provider of cloud-based, customized patient management and workflow solutions to independent healthcare providers in the UK. The combination of extensive healthcare experience, a world-class BPM platform and the use of “building blocks” allows psHEALTH to deliver complex solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional projects. psHEALTH delivers solutions for home healthcare, disease management and patient case management. psHEALTH offers a unique subscription-based charging model with NO upfront cost. psHEALTH is headquartered in London.

Business Problem

psHEALTH was looking to transform the traditional model for application development and delivery to accelerate development, increase agility, and extend application value. The company recognized that BPM technology would give it a powerful platform to deliver a new generation of solutions that meet evolving customer requirements. By breaking the traditional software development mold, the company hoped to radically transform the patient care solution market, realize substantial new revenue streams, and create strong competitive differentiation.

Appian BPM Solution

psHEALTH now uses the Appian Anywhere SaaS BPM platform for rapid creation and delivery of solutions to its healthcare provider customers. The on-demand BPM platform is ideal for supporting the company’s mission to help healthcare organizations leverage technology, while reducing cost and risk. psHEALTH can now develop world-class solutions in a matter of weeks, while enjoying a new and attractive subscription-based revenue stream.