New Media Group

Region: Asia Pacific
Industry: Marketing/Advertising

New Media Group BPM Solution & System New Media Group and its subsidiaries is one of Hong Kong;s leading magazine groups. It owns and publishes five weekly magazines in Hong Kong, including Oriental Sunday, Weekend Weekly, New Monday, Fashion and Beauty and Economic Digest. The magazines cover a wide range of topics that include entertainment news and gossips, fashion and beauty tips, traveling and dinning guide, youth and idol infotainment news, as well as investment and finance. The Group also publishes supplements and books of various topics. It has also created an online platform and developed its business to selling its publications’ content to overseas markets.

Business Problem

New Media Group prides itself on a commitment to implementing the most advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency, while providing the highest-quality products to both readers and advertising clients. The Group employs approximately 500 staff across its Magazine team (Sales and Marketing and Editorial) and Support teams (Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Circulation, Production, IT, Online and Library). The Group is actively building a true enterprise-wide BPM Program covering a wide range of functions across units within both teams.

Appian BPM Solution

Working with Appian’s partner in the region, Frontier Research & Technology, New Media Group deployed its Expense Claim Creation and Approval process in 90 days. New Media Group and Frontier are already well down the path of creating a new multi-process Advertising Billing System (ABS), with Customer and Contract Creation processes also targeted. New Media Group has been actively migrating other processes, such as their Leave application process, to the Appian BPM platform. The comprehensive capabilities and ease-of-use of the Appian platform allows both Business and IT to be actively engaged in designing the Group’s process solutions. Working with Appian & Frontier, the Group has quickly built up the internal competencies needed to drive its BPM Program going forward.