Energy Alloys

Region: Latin America, North America
Industry: Manufacturing

Energy Alloys is a global manufacturer and distributer of oilfield metals. Energy Alloys specializes in high grade metal products such as stainless steel and engineered steel. They also provide custom semi-components and offer consulting services. They operate primarily in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Business Problem

Energy Alloys turned to BPM as a way to fill the gaps within their Oracle ERP system. The company required an easy-to-use, comprehensive and natively-mobile platform capable of integrating the structured and unstructured/collaborative elements of end-to-end processes. In addition, they wanted to utilize the process platform in the cloud for maximum speed and flexibility.

Appian BPM Solution

After assessing several BPM platforms, Energy Alloys selected The Appian Suite. In addition to providing the time and cost benefits of portable cloud infrastructure, Appian features the “write once/deploy anywhere” native mobility Energy Alloys wanted. Appian’s “configure, not code” approach also eliminated the burden of custom code development.

Energy Alloys focused first on deployment of a Quote Request application that integrated their current ERP-based processes and data. The highly-sophisticated system not only automates complete processes within Energy Alloys’ ERP, but also integrates as a cloud service to customer ERP systems, automatically kicking off processes at the customer site and posting real-time events through Appian’s interface.

The company’s second Appian deployment focuses on improving fine-grained controls on its custom manufacturing processes for specialized oil fracking materials.